Calvary Baptist Church is a local fellowship of believers joined together to encourage faithfulness to the teachings of Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Word of God and worshiping together.


The reason Calvary Baptist Church exists is to spread the “good news” – the proclamation that Jesus Christ has won the victory for all who trust in Him. Our mission is to:

Proclaim the Word of God to form a people fully devoted to the Supremacy of Jesus Christ.

Proclaiming the Word of God

The Bible is God’s perfect word that shows the true way to know God, life and genuine joy. At CBC our focus is to understand, believe and obey God’s Word. We seek God’s truth in the Bible verse by verse. Preaching and teaching are of first importance. We cannot be changed without believing and we cannot believe without hearing and understanding God’s Word. The pure Word of God breaks our self-reliance and pride and exalts the all sufficiency and goodness of God given for us in Christ.

We ‘proclaim’ through preaching, teaching, giving testimony of God’s work in us, giving out literature and being an example for others to see of God’s transforming grace and power. We always remember and seek to remind others that we preach Christ and not our ourselves or our own ‘good works.’

In Order to Form

We all are sinners and need to be transformed. The power of God in the gospel, applied by His Spirit, forgives sin, breaks its power, and changes a person into the character of Christ. At CBC we strive to show, by teaching and example, how Christ forgives and how He transforms lives. We are not satisfied to remain as we are, but long to grow pure, holy, and strong. It is not easy, but it is possible by the power of Christ and exceedingly rewarding.

A People

Salvation begins with a person coming to faith in Christ, but continues in becoming part of a new spiritual family with loving and committed friendships and engaged in meaningful service for Christ. A People is a unified family, kingdom and ‘temple’ for God. As ‘a people’ we have a common identity and common work to accomplish as each person does their part.

Fully Devoted to

We all exist to worship God through Christ with all our lives. We seek for God to shape our hearts and minds to love Him above everything. A ‘decision for Christ’ and ‘Faith’ without devotion is an insult to the goodness of Christ and misrepresentation of the Christ of the Bible. We seek to honor Christ, not out of ‘necessity,’ but out of love of His goodness.

The Supremacy of Christ.

Jesus Christ is everything we need and we cannot add anything to what He has done. Christ alone is sufficient to save us and He alone is worthy of all our faith, allegiance, obedience and worship. We do not seek to glory in ourselves, but to proclaim and exult in the glory of Jesus Christ. We must decrease. He must increase.


If you are looking for a church home that proclaims this ‘good news’ we encourage you to visit. If you have any spiritual needs please let us know. We would be more than happy to offer guidance from Scripture. Will you join us in our quest to find delight in the Supremacy of Christ?