Fish & Game Dinner

Men, women and children are invited to attend our spring Fish & Game Dinner on Saturday, March 27, 2010 at 6pm in the Fellowship Hall. If you had success in field or stream, bring a dish to share and plan to enjoy some good food and fellowship. After our meal we will hear wildlife artist, outdoorsman, and speaker Ken Hunter share the story of his love for the outdoor and how he came to know the Lord. Please call the church office with any questions (570-387-0655). For directions, click here.

Ken Hunter was born in 1947 in DuBois, PA and graduated from Clarion University in 1970 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Comprehensive Social Studies. He now resides in a rural setting near Muncy, PA. After teaching school for ten years, he left the teaching field in 1981 to dedicate himself to a full time career in the field of outdoor communications. Ken’s wife, Sheila, shares in running their diversified business. They have two grown children, Kristin and Brian. While most of Ken’s work centers around wildlife art, bronze sculptures, carvings and illustrations, he is also a writer, photographer and lecturer.
Ken’s artwork and photos have appeared in many state, national and foreign publications including books and magazines. His art has graced the covers of magazines such as Pennsylvania Game News, Fly Fishing Guide, West Virginia Outdoor Times, New England Outdoor Times, Tackle Box (the “Field and Stream” of Japan), and the prestigious Sporting Classics magazine. His art has adorned the covers of a number of outdoor catalogs including Penns Woods Calls, MPI Outdoors and four covers for Woolrich, Inc. His photos have appeared in the aforementioned publications as well as Keystone Conservations, Virginia Wildlife, Pennsylvania Angler, Petersen’s Pennsylvania Sportsman and many more. Ken has illustrated several books including one for a Time/Life Book series. In 1990 Ken was selected to paint a piece of art that commemorated the 75th anniversary of the National Parks. He was invited to the White House to present the original to the then First Lady, Barbara Bush.

In addition painting, Ken has written regular feature stories for several magazines and newspapers, and he provides 20-30 lectures and seminars a year. Ken is a regular seminar speaker for the National Wildlife Federation Summits throughout the country doing seminars on wildlife art, drawing, carving, fly-fishing and general fishing skills.

Ken is past president of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association and is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the national Outdoor Writers Association of America. He enjoys hunting, fishing, shooting, camping, hiking, canoeing and SCUBA diving, and is not quite sure yet what he is going to do when he grows up.

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