Live Stream Invite

Watch Pastor Smith’s video inviting you to watch the Live Stream tomorrow morning at 10 am!

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5 Responses to “Live Stream Invite”
  1. Chuck KnorrSays:

    Same site for services tomorrow, the 29th?

  2. Sean StoufferSays:

    Chuck, you can go to the either Facebook ( or to our church website ( I’m working on finding a way to do closed captioning. What device do you watch the live stream on? I’d like to find a way to increase the volume for you.

  3. Admin CBCSays:

    Facebook Live is a direct link to the Facebook post.

  4. Chuck KnorrSays:

    Sean, I am going to try to use my voice to text app called Live Transcribe, which is very accurate and has worked at the 12 meetings with call-ins and direct voices from members present. I will let you know how I make out. Thanks

  5. Chuck KnorrSays:

    Ran a test on the invite from pastor smith and it worked wonderfully. So thanks again.